Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Illustration Friday topic: "Strong"

This week's Illustration Friday topic is Strong: "Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong. ~ Mahatma Gandhi" (suggested by Andre).

It was difficult for me to select an illustration. My first thought choice was an ink of the Christian wooden cross. Jesus of Nazareth was an itenerant preacher and the Christian Messiah who was brutally tortured and crucified, despite his message of peace. You can find this illustration "I am the Vine" on http://www.smackinart.etsy%20com/ in my "Prints and Note Cards" category.

My second thought was my ACEO commemorating a rowing team from the 1975 Pan American Games in Mexico City. Interestly, Santiago, Chile, had originally been awarded the games; but, political upheaval forced a change of venue. You can find this ACEO "Ochre Bleu Grenada Row" on http://www.smackinart.etsy%20com/ in my "ACEO" category.

The third, above, was my whimsical interpretation of John Lennon. Mr. Lennon wrote many songs of love and peace. My favorite song is aptly titled "Give Peace a Chance" written in 1969. Sadly, Mr. Lennon was gunned down in 1980.

What is it about the nonviolent that causes such a violent reaction?

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